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New model launched at CES 2015!


Apple iPhone 6 


Available in LoudBy web store soon! Stay tuned!

LoudBy user experience video


Make your device louder

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Smartphone case that makes your device louder and improves sound quality



The best case for your phone

LoudBy Sound Case makes your smartphone louder and directs sound towards you. It improves sound quality through innovative audio channel. Naturally it also acts as a protective cover, although it does that with style.


Makes your phone loud

Original speaker outlet located at the back of the device is least efficient where it matters, towards the user. LoudBy sound case directs audio towards the listener and enhances the audio experience to a new level.




All this is provided in a compact case that travels firmly attached to your device wherever you go. No need for extra speaker boxes, cables or batteries. Available in six enchanting colors: Cayenne Red, Sand Beige, Dazzling Blue, Pure White, Jet Black and Freesia Yellow.


Tested in audio lab

The novel patent pending implementation of sound outlet duct improves maximum sound pressure level up to 12 dB. Low frequencies become stronger giving you more bass. Highest frequencies are crispier. Your friends will not believe sound this mesmerizing really comes from your smartphone.



Only the best materials

LoudBy sound case is made of durable and fully recyclable plastics to protect your device from scratches. Speaker component is better shielded against dust and debris that might otherwise block the sound outlet holes in challenging environments.

Our product is manufactured in Finland.