Sonic Force Ltd. was established in March 2013 in Oulu, Finland. The first product, LoudBy Sound Case, is based on a patent-pending innovation for enhancing and directing speaker sound in small devices.
The LoudBy team is dedicated to enhance sound quality by designing solutions which add value for customers. Extensive partner network provides valuable support whenever needed. Quest for better sound experience drives the team towards new fabulous inventions and products.

Petri Soronen


Email: [email protected]

Tel. +358 40 543 1294

Jukka Solla


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Tel. +358 45 678 8627

Sales & Marketing Agent in Canada & U.S.A.   
Finnex Agencies Ltd.
5180 Still Creek Ave., Burnaby, B.C. V5C 4E4
Office: +1 (604) 299-9702

Contact: Kaisa Skogster

Contact: Daniela Cappellaro
European Partner
Head Corporate Advisor GmbH
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