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Original speaker outlet located at the back of the device is least efficient where it matters, towards the user. LoudBy sound case directs audio towards the listener and enhances the audio experience to a new level. At the same time sound radiation to the backside attenuates. Think kids playing a game in the backseat during a long journey. Ears of fellow passengers in front seat will thank directivity of LoudBy sound case.
The novel patent pending implementation of sound outlet duct improves maximum sound pressure level up to 12 dB. Low frequencies become stronger giving you more bass. Highest frequencies are crispier. Your friends will not believe sound this mesmerizing really comes from your smartphone. Graph shows actual measurement with Samsung Galaxy S4 and LoudBy Sound Case.


Muttering talk show host will sound more understandable thanks to additional boost on hearings’ most sensitive frequencies. This also enhances voice clarity during a handsfree phone call. Set up ad hoc conference call with your LoudBy equipped phone and be done before your colleague can even find a free meeting room.
LoudBy sound case is made of durable and fully recyclable plastics to protect your device from scratches. Speaker component is better shielded against dust and debris that might otherwise block the sound outlet holes in challenging environments.
Soft-Touch coating on selected models makes the surface feel warm and, well... soft. It improves grip so your precious device doesn't slip off your hands so easily.
All this is provided in a compact case that travels firmly attached to your device wherever you go. No need for extra speaker boxes, cables or batteries.